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Hello  new  Writer/Contributor to Jointux .
Before you start your first topic, please confirm that you understand that all Submitted Articles still Jointux propriety and we have the right to modify and edit the contents and  even reject  duplicated or poor topics.
Author vs  Contributor 
Contributor  is  Free  ( Voluntary job)
Writer : have to write  at least 4 Articles per month.
The  payment depend on the quality articles
The admins   Request 1 or  2 tests   articles  before to  get on board  like  Official writers
Our  Topics  Requirements  :
Blogs must be written in English with accurate spelling and grammar
Linux /Unix News.
Linux ditros  Reviews.
Android  Reviews.
Open Source Reviews Like  monitoring tools and  Security tools.
How to  Install  and  Configure  Things in Linux
Our   Style  Requirements :
News  :   600 words in minimum
Articles :  above 1000 words   (expect Dumps)
High Copyscape  control
High and Rich  SEO
Attach   Featured image  with 700×465  in size

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