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Babak Mammadov, I was born in Azerbaijan. I am engaged with Linux and Open Source technologies. I have articles more than 30 in my native language. I would like to share my knowledge with other learners. For this I am here.

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Boolean In Python more examples

i can reduce  the definition of  Boolean   in Python to Logic  expressions of Combinations.   the Logic  the  base  in the most t of programming languages Boolean values...

Get Weather condition and Moon phase in console using wttr

Being a proud linuxer, it feels so great to achieve everything you want in console. Thanks to @igor_chubin for the application 'wttr.in' that you can get all...

how to install Kernel 4.8 in Centos

The Kernel 4.8 has been releases  finally  after many months of  development . please  the  last release  note  from this  link https://lkml.org/lkml/2016/10/2/102 To make this  upgrade possible  we  need...

Detailed Installation of Debian GNU/Linux

If you are new in Debian world.  Let me tell you something,  Debian is  very  popular and have very large Linux community. Debian can produce a high-quality, stable,...

Configure Puppet server with Ubuntu 16.04

In this article we will learn how to configure Puppet with Ubuntu 16.04. When we think about managing services on plethora of Linux nodes in bulk, we...